BRIZO Faucets- Smart Technology – A Mothers Dream

Brizo, the luxury division of Delta faucet has graciously extended another wonderful design trip to me and the other Blogger19 (some 100) design bloggers from around the country who have taken part in Brizo’s famed Fashion Week with Jason Wu and lived to blog about it. What a great time that was.  This time the fun is happening in Memphis, TN. So most people think of  only a few things when they hear Memphis and that’s…..B.B. Kings, Jazz Music and Barbecue.
Brizo Thinking Toward the Future

Brizo Thinking Toward the Future

One of the other reasons Brizo has brought us here is to meet some wonderful people at St.Jude Children’s Research Hospital here in Memphis. The future for us all is in our children. Brizo, as a forward thinking company has teamed up with this wonderful hospital to take part in the building of their Dream Home Give Away’s. Homes being built across the nation to raise money for this incredible hospital and for the families who sadly need them. Today we tour St. Jude’s Hospital and we’ll be doing some really fun “art related”  projects with the children.
So come on back in the coming days and see what we shared with the kids.

Supporting St.Jude Hospital

Supporting St.Jude Hospital

So on the topic of kids, I got thinking, that where there’s ridiculously messy barbecue , there’s even more ridiculously messy hands, ergo cleanup. Every mother cringes at the thought of the kids being “messy Marvins” in their beautiful kitchens.
Enter Brizo’s Hands Free Technology  or their Smart Touch Technology

Brizo Hands-Free Technology is one of the most advanced sensing technologies in the industry today for electronic faucets. With the ability to accurately sense the user’s distance, regardless of external factors such as light reflection, clothing color and textures or dryness of one’s skin, Brizo Hands-Free Technology provides consistent, dependable results.

Other Infrared technology works on the intensity of light, which may detect outside influences and cause the faucet or toilet to activate unnecessarily, one of the key concerns of those in the industry. With a response time of four pulses per second, Brizo Hands-Free Technology provides a good balance between reaction time and battery conservation.

Brizo’s SmartTouch® Technology touch faucet does nothing less than change the way you interact with water. Simply touch anywhere on the faucet body or handle to turn on or off the water. When you tap the faucet ON, the LED light indicates SmartTouch is active. When you tap the faucet OFF, the light goes off. SmartTouch also works to conserve water by activating flow only when needed, while its flexible operation promotes safe food handling.

As a company, Brizo takes pride in what they produce and put back into the future of our environment. Brizo products are ADA Compliant, No Lead Compliant, Water Sense Technology , a special certification given to faucets that meet the water efficiency specifications set forth by the E.P.A., with a flow rate of 1.5 gallons per minute.

Off to the hospital for a great day. Did I mention that we’re staying right in downtown Memphis at the Peabody Hotel. A gorgeous old building, incredible service and really LOVELY rooms. That’s a whole post I’ll share as soon as I find some free time over the next few days to wander the entire building.




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