Kitchen Design- It’s All About Planning

What a gorgeous weekend we had here in the Northeast.
I love a spontaneous get together as much as anyone but if you love to cook then you know that planning ahead is everything and can make things run very smoothly in the end. It’s not about pulling off a “Martha Stewart” like event as it is about being able to relax and enjoy your company. So yes, I think planning is important. So here’s my message today to all of you who may be endeavoring to begin a kitchen renovation. Plan, plan and then plan more.
So kitchen design, like entertaining, the devil is in the details. The more planning you do with a professional kitchen designer the better the your kitchen project will turn out in the end. Planning, listening and great communication are the backbone of what I do.
I still do “old school” hand drawings and when available I use a CAD draftsman. For some reason people just seem to like hand drawn.
Here are the drawings (not final ones) of how I work through a project with my clients. In addition we have cabinetry samples, tiles, countertop selection and appliance selection “field trips” to my go to resources, lighting selections, paint colors…. and on and on.
Yes I do it all on my projects from start to finish.


Since I began writing this blog I rarely have featured any of my own work and I thought it might be nice to finally.
Today I wanted to share with you a kitchen I completed a little over a year ago. I’ve completed hundreds of kitchens in my career and am always proud of all of them especially because my clients are happy. That’s the point, it’s not about me but what my client’s wants and needs. Often a project comes along that I personally love and would really enjoy “living” in. Fortunately for me I can live vicariously through my finished projects and one day I hope to have the time to cook in many of them.

Kitchen and Bath Ideas

Kitchen and Bath Ideas, as you can imagine is one of many of the  Better Homes and Gardens magazines I love. I’ve  read and scoured their magazines for years for ideas from the other successful designers they feature. I’m always learning something from others in my industry and  I’m thrilled to say I know alot  these designers from around the country. I’m honored to be among them and on this cover.
Today I wanted to share this beautiful kitchen with you and some of the beautiful elements that made this kitchen so special.
Did I mention that my clients were fantastic and a pleasure to work for? They were and this has been my experience with all my clients for my years of designing kitchens and at the end of the day what makes my work fun and why I love it.




I was fortunate to have the best photographer shoot this project, Michael Partenio whose work is in the all of the best design and architectural magazines as well as New England stylist Karin Lidbeck-Brent. To you I owe a thousand thank you’s for making my project come to life.

I’ll leave you with one last photo that shows a signature piece I created for this project. The wine “STUD”. If we can’t be lucky enough to employ a live in sommelier I think every girl needs their own wine studded cabinet. I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I enjoyed designing the project.

In the 18 years I’ve been designing kitchens, I can’t remember a project that a client was ever unhappy or that the job didn’t turn out as planned or that the actual kitchen was different from what they expected it to be. Why? Because I spend alot of time, hours and hours and hours to get it right and to convey the concept clearly to the client, hopefully minimizing miscommunication. Now don’t get me wrong, I make mistakes and I have since the day I started doing kitchens. There’s so many details and parts and pieces that need to come together perfectly down to a 1/16th of an inch that it’s almost impossible to cover every little detail. I’ve been a mother for almost 30 years so you know “I have eyes in the back of my head” but sometimes things still get missed. Fortunately they’re never biggies AND I stand behind it, take responsibility and make it right. This is the best you can hope for and expect. Good luck with your next kitchen renovation.

 If you’re looking to begin a kitchen renovation project for Fall now is the time to get on the calendar to begin your planning.


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