Project Design 2013 Renovates The Ronald McDonald House in Haute Style

Project Design 2013 Renovates The Ronald McDonald House of Long Island in Haute Style.
It reopens this week after getting an incredible makeover by some of the countries finest interior designers. I had the privilege along with a group of local design bloggers, writers and photographers for a sneak-peek as the home was getting  some final touches before it’s Gala Opening last Thursday evening and a weekend show house open to the public. As with other trips of a similar “more meaningful” nature , I just can’t write about it straight away. It takes me a little time to think about what I want to say about my experience.
The significant efforts of these designers will live on for years to come comforting families night after night.
There’s too many to feature all of them but I wanted to share a few of my favorites. I think one of my very favorites had to be Mehditash Design

Dec-A-Porter Jennifer Mehditash Designs

Inspired by a Single Element

Tile by Filmore Clark and Brizo Fixtures says Luxury in More Ways than One

Tile by Filmore Clark and Brizo Fixtures says Luxury in More Ways than One

I wanted o share the resources for this room because I really loved all of it. Jennifer’s room is so inviting, I was trying to think of a way to sneak in a night here. I have such a hard time picking “favorites” but I have to say that Jennifer’s bathroom with tiles from Filmore Clark and Brizo plumbing fixtures was divine! It would be my hope that we find cures for all these children’s illnesses and that these rooms becomes obsolete but until then it makes me happy that these families have such a comfortable home away from home.

à CALIFORNIA CLOSETS – Contact: Carolyn Musher
à CUSTOM WINDOWS – (203) 231-3659 Contact: John Hayes
à OLIVER’S HOUSE PAINTING, LLC – T: 914 954-3742
à STARK –  Contact: Adam Khan – T: 203-899-1771
à THE FINISHED WALL – Contact: Angela Capan & Nancy Schadt.

This designer showhouse was not your ordinary “garden variety” showhouse. It was a labor of love and compassion by hundreds of volunteers for the families who need this home.  The amount of blood, sweat and tears that goes into pulling off a project like this can only be experienced first hand and for the rest of us it’s just a gander at the end result that appears seamless.
I just loved the vibrant colors in  Mabley Handlers bedroom below.

Bedroom by Hamptons Mabley-Handler

Bedroom by Hamptons Mabley-Handler

Mabley Handler Colorful bedroom combination of Aqua, Navy and hot pink

Chinoiserie Headboad -Haute Couture
Mabley Handler Details To Remember


Danielle Colding- Queen of Essential Spaces- Fresh, Fun and Absorbed with Rich Color

This showhouse is different from most of the others in that it does not get dismantled afterwards. Like all Ronald McDonald homes all around the country, sadly, this home will be filled to capacity 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. It’s a buzzing action packed home that houses families from all over the region who have children with long-term illnesses at local hospitals.


Laurie Gorleick Interiors of Boston -Entering Bunny Williams Playroom- Facade by Anthony Bararrata

Pamela Copeman Designs 0f Boston - Checking out Anthony Baratta's Hidden TV Closet

Pamela Copeman Designs 0f Boston – Checking out Anthony Baratta’s Hidden TV Closet

Micahel Tavano

Micahel Tavano’s Bedroom was one of the happiest. Love orange and he had me at the stuffed lion greeting you on entry


The Lions Den by Michael Tavano

Some of you know that 28 years ago I had a son born 3 months premature at Yale New Haven Hospital. He was  2lbs. and very fragile.
At the time we didn’t have a Ronald McDonald House in New Haven and fortunately we lived close to the hospital. In the early 80’s I was a member of the Junior League of New Haven and we worked tirelessly to have a  showhouse that raised money to help fund our New Haven RMDH. I was honored to be able to work on it as a member and also a designer. See in this home brought back alot of memories and the desire to go and volunteer at our local New Haven Ronald McDOnald House.

Below are a few more rooms that I was really enjoyed seeing, especially Michael Tavano‘s happy orange playful bedroom en-suite with a gorgeous stuffed lion.

Today my son is happy and healthy and  I’m the luckiest mother in the world to have two amazing sons.
However, I remember how stressful a time it was for us as a family but not nearly as much as for the families who brought their children there from all over the country. At the time there were only a few neo-natal intensive care units in the country. Seeing these families have to go home and leave their children there until “next weekend” was heart wrenching. I was fortunate to live a few miles away from the hospital and was able to go there as many times a day as I could and had the support of alot of family for my other son at home. Speaking of babies, I just love that Tilton Fenwick, from Fairfield County decorated a small nursery. Who knew I loved paisley? But they rocked it.

Tilton-Fenwick Nursery

Tilton-Fenwick Nursery

Details make all the difference especially in smaller spaces

Details make all the difference especially in smaller spaces

Under the direction of its original founder, Lyn Jurick, the force behind making this home a reality 27 years ago, Executive Director Matthew Campo, hundreds of devoted volunteers and companies who donated everything from two by fours to Tempurpedic beds and everything in between renovate  a home with 42 bedrooms, 8 kitchens, @ Kosher kitchens, 5 laundry facilities,a library, great room , play room. playground and many  This is a “serious” house. The home and what it provides for families is so heartwarming it made me want to run back to New Haven and sign up to volunteer at our local Ronald McDonald House. I need to get over to the house and volunteer and see if perhaps it might be ready for a facelift by now.

 Tarasoff Interiors - A Mother Daughter Dynamic Duo

Tarasoff Interiors – A Mother Daughter Dynamic Duo

What the designers gave of themselves and what they achieved is of the finest examples of volunteerism I’ve seen among our industry.
Their efforts became reality through the generosity of manufacturers who donated the lions share of the materials and so many  contractors who gave of their time through donations is simply too numerous to list. If you happen to be a Mets fan there’s no shortage of nostalgia in this room by Matthew Patrick Smyth

Mets Memorabilia by Matthew Patrick Smyth

Mets Memorabilia by Matthew Patrick Smyth

Mets Room

Mets Memorabilia by Matthew Patrick Smyth

A room I wasn’t able to get a great overall photo of because everyone was” loving it” all at the same time was the bedroom of Michael Herold whom I never had the pleasure of meeting before…. but what a gentleman and this gentleman has quite the eye. I was smitten with his  lustre ware lamps that he so graciously donated. The lustre on the lamps was like the irredescent inside of a mussel shell. Simply elegant.


Michael Herold Design

Bedroom by Michael Herold Design

If you’re so inspired, there could be a Ronald McDonald Home near you that could use your help or a family that you can lend a hand to. There’s currently 300 Ronald McDonald Houses around the world in 30 countries. To date, this particular one in Long Island has served over 18,000 families. Wouldn’t  it be an awesome thought to not need these homes at all some day. Until that time comes please express your own personal message of  hope to a friend or family member who needs you today. Go to my friend and mentors site Messages of Hope and see how you can add a message of hope to just one person, a family or a friend and then ask them to pay it forward. Small words of kindness matter.

Rebecca Reynolds



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