Wolf Kahn Color Study

Wolf Kahn Color Study was a must today. When in need of sunshine I look to art and color to pick me up.

It’s a dreary winter Saturday here in Connecticut so naturally my guy and I are looking for something interesting to do. He’s trying to drag me away from my humble little “art studio” so we’re going to head into the city tomorrow to see the Vermeer Exhibit at the Frick Museum that we’ve been wanting to get to since the fall. But today, in need of some “happy” color I began looking at artists whose work really makes me happy. I am always chatting about how and where designers find their inspiration and for me one of those places is art. I tend to love artists who take realistic subjects and make a grand gesture by interpreting that subject in a whole new light through their use of color. Impressionism!  This is why I love the work of Wolf Kahn. I was introduced to his work from my mom who was an incredible painter herself. Many of you know my mom passed away last year with a lot of painting left  to do. In one of her last conversations with my son, also a painter, she told him she still had alot to do, so I suppose we now need to carry the torch and both of us need to get back to painting if only for an outlet from daily life and to explore hidden passion and talent. While living in Westport, CT many years ago, I took my mom to a Wolf Kahn exhibit for her birthday. You’d have thought she was a teenager going to see the Rolling Stones. So this post today is to my mom and happily painting in heaven. I thought I’d share some of my favorite pieces of Wolf Kahn’s work with you. Art can be like school, often it just takes that one teacher or mentor to flip the light switch. If you don’t understand or appreciate art yet, keep looking. You’ll find an artist or a style that ignites interest and passion to learn more. I tend to follow artist who paint subjects that interest me. For Wolf Kahn, it’s barns, landscapes and seeing them in rare color. Enjoy your Saturday . Move outside your comfort zone and see what’s at your local museum today, go to a new coffee shop, lunch at a new cafe. I hope these colorful works of art from Wolf Kahn help you see your Saturday in new way and inspire your new spring wardrobe or a piece of art. 21127042_1_l   wolf-kahn-4.jpg?w=820   large   KahnWolf.RedBarnsinRain.2002.pastelonpaper.13x18   DavidRichard_Wolf-Kahn-Untitled   art-landscape-paint   forsythia   WK_Red_Ground_Gray_Sky_213070

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